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myForestBridge - A. Kovtun & Victoria Lime

Hi, we are duo of artists from Ukraine, Kiev.
A. Kovtun  &  Victoria Lime   myForestBridge is the connection of city life with the nature.

I (A. Kovtun) paint graffiti from 2003 to the present day, and this is what grabbed me more and more, graffiti as a drug, the more you paint, the more you want that helped me to leave the old job, and the fullness is occupied with art.

Once I looked through the page of competitors and saw a very beautiful girl, as soon as we met, we realized that kindred souls with her started to create works together,
A family of artists It was something new)

Victoria draws graffiti and street art of 2013, from childhood I realize that math or chemistry is not mine, all the fields in notebooks were painted with different pictures, I drew because I brought them unreal pleasure, the first drawing was made on my house, then I worked in a graphic design company, where I got enough experience. But I never thought that it could go so far. I plan even more. We have long been looking for an approach to each other, trying to find our style, I think we succeeded!) We began to combine geometry and painting, calligraphy and realism, and I think that the experiments do not end there, two people, two glances, two styles and all this in one work.

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